At Condo Check® we have completed more than 25000 condo document reviews since 1994. 
We see the challenges faced by condo board member, owners and industry professionals.

The videos provided contain stories and examples that are true with the names of clients and condo projects changed to protect the privacy.  Property values are impacted when condominums are facing struggles and once they are corrected the values return.  We do not want to brand a project by identifying it while it is in this transition period.   Our hope is to provide information that will assist and prevent owners and board members in living in a happy condominium community.

How many potential bylaw infractions (breaches) can you find in the photo below?  How well do you know your bylaws? Can these owners be fined? If yes, what is the procedure for fining for breach of bylaws?  Enjoy the videos and enjoy your condominium home.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the Videos and Notes is based on the experiences Bernice Winter, Owner of Condo Check® during her 40+ years in condominium.  Based on the Alberta legislation unless stated otherwise.  Although many of the condominium buyer needs, concerns, and requirements are the same in all jurisdictions, the condominium legislation and terminology is unique to each Province, State and Country.

The conclusions and comments contained within these videos are in no way, or at any time, as a whole or in part, to be considered, or interpreted as a legal opinion, or as an opinion of viability of a condominium.  Condo Check® has no vested interest in the facts or information provided in these videos or the outcome thereof. The videos by Condo Check® do not substitute for professional or legal advice as we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance when needed.                                                                                                                                  

Condominium Support Services Inc., its employees, agents, affiliates or directors are indeminfied from any claim that may arise  out of the information provided. The Videos are for infromation purposes only. 

The videos are shared in the Condominium Real Estate Sales Program (CRES Academy), a program by Condominium Support Services Inc.

Each Topic Heading below is the link to the Video. 

The content of these videos and notes provide insights into the Needs, Concerns, and Requirements of a condo buyer, owner, board member or those with a general interest in condominium. 
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